About Us

It’s not just about making some fancy pantsy socks, it is more than that. We have the beautiful and amazing ability to make stuff, no other creature intentionally creates as we do. Birds make nests, bees make hives and beavers make dams that is true, but we make magic. When I write that, I am not just talking about a card trick or pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I mean quite literally making something beautiful and interesting out of rocks, trees, water and earth. Some do it with music, some with food, some dance and others build rocket ships, but we as fantastic creatures on this little blue ball do it to entertain ourselves and enhance our enjoyment of our existence. We search for and discover the limits of human capabilities in order to find meaning and joy in life.

Since the beginning of recorded history we have searched for happiness and cosmic truths. Some look east towards a rich history of philosophy to find the inner balance between the positive and the negative, the self and the whole. In western philosophy we have searched for meaning in pursuing valued goals, moderating our narcissistic desires and working towards achievements. But what certainly is true, and quite easily the quickest and most immediate path towards happiness and enlightenment is socks. Many people don’t know that. Why spend all that time investigating complex and energy consuming self discovery paths when you can buy a pair of our totally amazing socks that will almost guarantee the deep and meaningful happiness that your soul desires? Does anyone really read the ‘About us’ section anyway? These questions and more will be answered in the next ‘about us’ blog page that will also not be read. But sitting on my sofa after a day of going through photos for this website I thought, ‘what the heck’ let’s write an ‘about us’ section, every site needs one apparently. I thought to make it even more authentic I added an old factory, must have been hard to work there. The family photos give it that extra touch of a long history filled with the sweat of generations and the thread and sewing gives it just a bit of color. I have actually never met these people but they look awfully nice, I bet they were having a good time.

So back to the theme. Life is a theatre and we get to for our short flash of a life make stuff and after thirty years of making tattoos, i decided to make some socks…to start. I make them just because I can, with the honest hopes that they will bring a bit of sunshine into your life and the lives of those who discover them. A bit of a contribution to the masses of stuff and things that we wonderful humans make. These socks aren’t made for everybody, they are made for the few special people out there, the ones that wonder, the ones who walk their own path on this little blue ball spinning aimlessly through the universe. May these socks join you on your path, bring you luck and happiness. Wear them with pride for they have been made with passion.

Rob Koss
October 18, 2022
Luzern, Switzerland